Social Responsibility

Committed to Making a Positive Impact

Two Ways We Help Make the World a Better Place

Charity Program

CO2 Neutral Business

Charity Program

Providing assistance to the most vulnerable

Supporting the Munich Children Hospice

We are very happy to be an official partner of Munich Children Hospice. Together with clients we have started a program in 2012 to financially support the fantastic work of this organization in their effort to assist families with terminally ill children.

How You Can Help

Our clients voluntarily pay a 3 € net donation on top of every invoice issued by us. The total amount raised throughout the year is then doubled by us and goes directly to the Hospice. For full transparency of the process, clients can obtain further information directly from the Hospice.

Many thanks to everybody who is helping us to help!

Providing Care

Giving Back

Helping Others

CO2 Neutral Business

Focusing on sustainable energy

Maintaining Carbon Neutrality

EXPATTAX strives to not only have a positive impact as a service provider, we are passionate about minimizing any negative environmental impact. We are committed to more than offsetting our carbon footprint.

For a number of years, EXPATTAX went through a rather admin heavy process of being certified as a carbon neutral business. A lot of the effort went into some form of a documentation procedure, which seemed  like a waste of resources. We stopped that and we are no longer formally certified as carbon neutral. As part of the formal certification, we used to offset on average about 5 tonnes of CO2 each year in the past. We have now switched to voluntarily offsetting 50 tonnes of CO2 each year, without certification.

100% Carbon Neutral

Wildlife Protection

Sustainable Energy